For Workgroups

Workgroup Based Curriculum

In today’s economic environment, training dollars are precious!

We work closely with your training department to develop customized courses that…
- maximize learning
- minimize costs
- minimize days employees are “off the workload”
- maximize the effectiveness of the training and its direct benefit to job performance

Times have changed! A single technology-specific course will no longer fully equip a workgroup. Most “so-called” technologies or even networks (ADSL, IPTV, VOIP, etc.), while sounding like single topics, actually cross several technology subject boundaries. In fact, more correctly, they are combinations of technologies and networks which form systems and services.

Workgroups need to know:
- How the individual technology components form the technology system/service they sell, install, provision, manage or support
- How to relate that technology knowledge to their unique systems and tools
- How their department (and its technology component) fits together with other departments
- How all this relates to what the customer is doing over their circuits and through their department

Our unique programs provide both:
- the correct mix of technology topic understandings necessary to grasp either the entire system/service or, if desired, only specific portions.
- the company-specific perspective on those technologies as well as how they relate to either the complete system/service or, if desired, only specific portions.

Topics are structured to take students from where they are starting, to where they need to be! A building block approach is used where topics are presented conceptually from the ground up and in conceptual sequence.