For Companies

For the past 20 years, our primary business has been developing and presenting on-site curriculums for specific industry workgroups; completely customized to its systems, vendor products, networks, technologies, applications and testing tools. Please see our client list.

We are available to do the same for your company as well.

Also, if you look at our course listing page, we have already created several specific courses for particular industry perspectives.

Feel free to go directly to the course category page and follow the links yourself, or follow the specific links below.

If your company is a telecommunications service provider, please click here.

If your company is an IPTV equipment manufacturer, please click here.

If your company is an IPTV reseller, VAR or distributor, please click here.

If your company is part of a particular IPTV User Group, please click here.

If your company is a member of a State Telecom Association, please click here.

If your company has Occam Networks distribution equipment, please click here.

Even though we have not listed them on the web site, we have also created some industry-specific training courses for the cable industry as well. Please call us if you are interested.

We have been continuously challenged by our clients to create courses that maximize substance, minimize time employees are off the workload, minimize costs, and yield superior results to the “bottom line” of knowledge, capability and professionalism.

All of our courses are a result of this challenge!