About Us

Curriculums of Incremona Communications are among the most highly sought after and respected in both the telecommunication and data communication industries. We have invested over 20 years partnering with the training departments and corporate executives of telephone companies, cable providers, vendors and private industries throughout the United States. We have worked closely with them to meet the unique challenges as the telecommunication and data communication worlds raced toward convergence.

Since being founded, our company has been intimately involved with the technologies, test systems and issues unique to the telecommunications industry. We have developed and presented an array of customized telephone company-specific curriculums. We have also developed several courses that specifically address data and associated network technologies for the cable industry as well.

Thousands have successfully completed our custom designed curriculums at companies such as Pacific Bell, Nevada Bell, Southwestern Bell Telephone, Southern New England Telephone, ASI, SBC Telecom, Surewest Communications, Evans Telephone, Scientific Atlanta, Hewlett Packard, Micom Nortel, BT Infonet, VTEL, Occam Networks, The State of California, First Interstate Bank, Canby Telcom, Ledcor Technical, Enhanced Telecom, Rural Telephone and Cox Communications.

Word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied attendees and their managers have brought national exposure to our “workgroup/technology system” based curriculums.